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Request for Power Form

Do you need a new electric meter installed? Fill out this form to get the process started. Once we have a completed form, we'll move the project on to staking and engineering. Roughly four to six weeks later you'll receive the contract for approval before we begin construction.

If you're a new member, a deposit will be applied to your bill (minimum $250 business, $200 individual.)

In addition, please fill out the Membership Application Form and mail it to our office.



This will be the billing name
Is this a commercial project? Include the name here, as well as the project contact person's name.
Please include address, city, state and zip code
Please include the address, city, state and zip code
Please include the township, range, section and quarter of the location we will be providing power. Please also apply the lot, block and subdivision if applicable.
Please include the amperage, if available, as well as the number of electric appliances/devices/machines that will be drawing power from this metering point. This will help us size your service appropriately.
Please list the name of the electrician you are working with.
Enter the wiring certificate number. We will not build the service until we have the wiring certificate number from your electrician or the state electrical board. If number is not known at this time, please call us when you have the number.
By checking this box, the member understands that if this service is canceled after staking has occurred, they will be responsible for any staking costs.
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Enter the characters shown in the image.
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