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Transformers & Pads


Does Roughrider provide the transformer pad?
Yes, but only on units up to 300 KVA. Anything larger will not be provided. Diagrams for concrete pads are available in the Diagrams section below.

Will Roughrider provide the fault current for electricians?
No. We will however provide the impedance so the calculations can be made. Impedance numbers are written on the exterior of the transformers or can be obtained by calling our office.

What is the procedure for having Roughrider make a site visit to open a transformer, de-energize a service or something similar?
Such a visit requires us to schedule a crew to visit the site. Please contact us to schedule a time for us to visit. Scheduling is usually a week out. Plan accordingly.

Transformer Pad Diagrams:
750kva or Smaller
1000kva to 2500kva

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